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Cleaners, sealers, caulk and trench drains, as well as other products for your construction project are available at UMix.

ACO Ploymer Products, Inc.

Trench Drains

ACO Drain is the world’s leading presloped, modular, trench drain and grating system for commercial, industrial and road applications.

Albion Engineering

Caulking Accessories

Albion Engineering was established in 1929 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1936, Albion has been a leader in the dispensing tool market. Today, Albion Engineering remains committed to continuing the tradition of innovation and quality.

Alsey Refractories Co.


Alsey Refractories Company specializes in the high heat and intermediate duty firebrick.



Color does make a difference in so many products. From paint and plastic or ready mix concrete, to concrete pavers, blocks or roofing tiles, color makes a difference with beautiful, fade-resistant colors that last a long time.


With over 400 shapes, sizes, textures and colors of concrete masonry units, RK leads the field in manufacturing concrete block.


UMix distributes brick and pavers from a variety of brick manufacturers from around the country. We have a number of architectural brick lines to choose from. We offer oversized brick such as king-size, 4x4x8, 4x4x12 and many special shapes. UMix also distributes a variety of pavers such as clay brick pavers and concrete pavers.


Concrete Bonding Products

Since 1972, Conspec has been manufacturing quality concrete accessories, chemicals, cement products and epoxies.

Crick Tool


Crick Tool has combined old-fashioned quality craftmanship with modern equipment to create a premium grade level. The Crick is guaranteed for a period of three years from date of manufacture to be straight, reading accurately to .015” in the length of the level.

Davis Colors

Concrete Color

Davis Colors’ wide spectrum of colors are used in ready mix, concrete block, pavers, roof tiles, mortar and stamped concrete. Our colors are mixed into the wet concrete before the concrete is poured. They are lightfast, limeproof, weather-resistant and formulated to give long-lasting appeal to concrete.

Dayton Superior

Cleaners, Sealers, Cure

Chemical and cement products produced by Dayton Superior and Conspec/Edoco include self-leveling floor systems, epoxy adhesives, concrete care and seals, grouts, patches, cements, form release agents and decorative concrete systems.