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PROMIX Core Fill Masonry Grout


PROMIX Core Fill Masonry Grout is a contractor grade pre-blended material formulated for grouting the cells of masonry units. This material has been designed to meet ASTM C476 requirements for reinforced masonry construction.

Sizes: PROMIX Core Fill is available in two sized packages. 70 LB (31.75 KG) Bags approximately 2/3 cubic foot. 3200LB (1451 KG) Bulk Bags approximately 26 cubic feet.

Mixing: For each 70LB bag add 8 pints of fresh potable water to mixer. Turn mixer on and begin to adding the grout mix to the mixer. If the material becomes to difficult to mix, add additional water until a workable mix is obtained. Mixing time should be five minutes per batch using a mechanical mixer. Grout should be discarded if not used by one and one half hours from time of mixing. Note that the final water content should be from 8-15 pints per bag.

Precautions: Always refer to a Professional Engineer or an Architect for specific project requirements for core fill masonry grout mix requirements and proper placement procedures.

Coverage: Refer to the PROMIX estimating table.