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PROMIX Custom Colored Mortar


PROMIX Type “N” or “S” Colored Mortar is a contractor grade mortar designed for laying concrete masonry units, brick and manufactured stone products.

PROMIX Type “N” or “S” Colored Mortar is a pre-blended product using Portland Cement, Lime, synthetic iron oxide pigments and well graded masonry sand. The standard formulation meets or exceeds ASTM C-270 Type specifications. The pigments used are lime-proof, sunfast, inert, stable and meet or exceed ASTM-C979 specifications for integral coloring of masonry mortar.

Sizes: PROMIX Type Custom Colored Mortar is available in two sized packages. 70 LB (31.75 KG) Bags approximately 2/3 cubic foot. 3000LB (1360 KG) Bulk Bags approximately 27 cubic feet.

Mixing: For each 70LB bag add 7 pints of fresh potable water to mixer. Turn mixer on and begin to adding mortar mix to the mixer. If the material becomes to difficult to mix, add additional water until a workable mix of trowelable consistency is obtained. Note that the final water content should be from 7-12 pints per bag.

Special Precautions: Variations in mix water amount, mixing time, curing conditions and finishing practices can cause color variations. It is critical to maintain a uniform water to mix ratio. Do not strike joints too early or too wet. Do not retemper mortar by adding additional water. Mortar should be used within two hours of mixing. Try to keep the mixing environment consistent using a mechanical mixer and blending the mix for at least five minutes. The raw color of the unmixed product may not appear to match the final color. The mortar should be cured a full 28 days. Clean only with potable water. Colored mortar joints should not be cleaned with muriatic acid.

Coverage: Refer to the PROMIX estimating table.