Project Description

As one of the largest and most ambitious projects of its kind, Fallbrook is a 700-acre residential and commercial community coupling modern convenience with traditional neighborhood appeal. Fallbrook provides a mixed-use approach to living, bringing together residences, local businesses, schools, parks, a medical plaza, and, at the heart of it all, a thriving town center. Fallbrook affords residents the very best of both worlds—the charm and sanctuary of a close-knit community with the ease and accessibility of an in-town address.

People are more important than cars, right? So put the cars and garages out back. Let the kids play out front. Create wider sidewalks and more paths to encourage walking and biking. Bring porches and doorways close to sidewalks. Put schools and restaurants and everyday services within easy walking distance. That’s the recipe for the tight-knit neighborhoods that used to dominate American communities.

Those very ingredients come to fruition at Fallbrook. The restaurants of Town Center are integral to the essence of our community, building covenants ensure the vision of accessible residences is upheld, and, a trail network encompassing 11 miles of winding connectivity streams throughout Fallbrook. A unique partnership between Lincoln Public Schools, the YMCA, and Lincoln Parks and Recreation opened Schoo Middle School and with it brings 161,000 square feet of school space, 50,000 square feet of YMCA space, and 45,000 square feet of shared space. The shared space will include art facilities, gymnasiums, exercise rooms, and locker rooms—and provides unique opportunities for after-school programs and summer programs.

Isolation and depression—so common in today’s blandly conceived suburbs—is successfully replaced, not just in theory but in practice, by human interaction, neighborly support, and a true sense of community.

NEBCO, Inc. companies Constructors, Inc., Concrete Industries and Ready Mixed Concrete have all been involved and associated with the development through all of its construction phases by supplying road, building and raw materials.  Grout and mortar on the project was supplied by U-MIX Products.