U-MIX® Concrete Mix

60 lb / 80 lb

#67742 / #67730

  • Set Posts
  • Deck Supports
  • Footings
  • Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • Steps
  • Patios
  • Concrete Floors
U-MIX® Concrete Mix is a specially formulated blend of Portland Cement, sand, and gravel ideal for use where a thickness of two inches or greater is required. All ingredients are thoroughly premixed to ensure maximum strength and work-ability. Simply add water.


All surfaces should be clean and free of oil, gas, paint, grease, etc. before applying mix. A stone or gravel base is recommended for all work on grade.


Wheelbarrow or Mixer, Trowel and/or Float, Shovel or Hoe, and a Broom.


Pour U-MIX® Concrete Mix into a clean wheelbarrow, mortar box, or mixing bucket. Form a crater in the center of the dry concrete mix. Pour clean potable water into the crater at a rate of one quart per 20 pounds of concrete mix. Work the mix with a shovel or hoe adding water as needed to achieve a stiff moldable mixture. Use only enough water to ensure all the dry concrete mix is wet and workable. Avoid over wetting the mix. Adding excessive water may weaken the concrete mix causing low strength, cracking, or scaling.


Use only when temperature is 40° and rising. In cold weather use warm, not hot, water for mixing.

Apply freshly mixed U-MIX® Concrete Mix immediately. Do not retemper the mix after initial mixing.

Dampen the surface of the work area before applying the new material.

For a rough or non-slip surface, use a wooden float or a broom. For a smooth finish, use a steel trowel. Avoid over-troweling.

When using U-MIX® Concrete Mix for deep patching, roughen the existing surface. The use of quality bonding agents in recommended.

Allow the new concrete to set firmly, then keep moist for at least three (3) days by applying an occasional fine spray with water. Covering the surface with plastic film or damp burlap is also beneficial.